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Creature from the Black Lagoon

It’s slimy. It’s monstrous. It’s putrid. It’s coming for give you a ton of swampy winnings! The Black Lagoon video slot features charming black and white animated vignettes, and vintage Hollywood vibes that offer thrill and chills in the form of Sticky and Spreading Wild symbols and close calls with the Creature himself. You’ll get a kick out of defending the lovely Kay with your spear gun and warding of the slippery beast. But you will also love repeatedly seeing it’s cranky swampy face as your winnings bubble up.

Creature of the Black Lagoon Review

Universal Monsters: Dracula

This gothic slot machine based on DRACULA was created with the consent of Universal Studios and utilizes their vampire film’s branded content in order to provide a lush and seductively spooky gaming experience. Featuring bloody Wild Symbols that can help you secure the ultimate winning line, and Stacked Symbols that set off a suspenseful Free Spins mode which is chock full of swarming magical bats capable of transforming whatever they touch into the makings of a huge win.

Dracula Video Slot Review

Gonzo's Quest

Right off the bat, let me clarify that this video slot does not feature a chicken-lovely blue muppet. If you aren’t too heartbroken after receiving that news, then you might get a kick out of this Conquistador, Gonzo, and his thrilling quest into the heart of an ancient civilization. This game is dripping with gold and mysterious artifacts. And be prepared for the “explosive” Avalanche feature that will suring have you hanging on to each spin out come with white knuckles as you say a prayer to ‘God & King’ for the ultimate 15x winnings.

Gonzo's Quest Video Slot Review

Jack and the Beanstalk

Little things can grow into very, very big things. Just like Jack’s little bean, your starting wager can sprout toward the sky and gift you with a giant harvest of winnings. You need to get over your fear of height as you climb upward above the clouds and reap the benefits of both scatter symbols, free spin symbols, plus walking (or wandering) wild symbols. Don’t lose your footing, because you’ll want to be sure and find all of the best goodies whenever the coveted Treasure Hunt feature is activated. Stay alert lanky, friend!

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Review

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches

Do you like Men in Tights? Fat Friers who know how to have a good time? Giant side kicks with ironic names who kick butt? Then you are going to love playing Robin Hood Video Slot and using your best archery skills to win bags of money and help take down the conniving Prince. And get ready to take advantage of the Shifting Reels feature which will bump up your winnings times 5 with each activation. And your pal Little John will be with you every step of the way ready and willing to swing into action and help you secure the big win.

Robin Hood Video Slot Review

Steam Tower

Brass gadgets and intricate machinery, rolled together with crave-worthy victorian style is what make this Steam Tower video slot worth the spin and crank. That and its estimates 97% payout percentage. What it does differently, is incorporate some medieval flare into the mix by including a princess in need of being saved from a vicious dragon. Steam Tower’s Free Spins mode will give you the opportunity to make your way up the tower in order to save the Princess and also increase winnings multiplier. Heat rises in this Steam Tower, and so does your payout.

Steam Tower Video Slot Review